Showcase your brand's identity with custom debit cards

Discover how XPAY's innovative, secure, and customizable payment solutions can revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. Our debit card program is designed to increase customer loyalty, drive retention, and create lasting bonds between your business and your customers.

Seamless integration & support

Tailored community preferences

Exclusive rewards & perks

A solution for all shapes and sizes

Large enterprises

See how MasterChef leverages branded debit cards

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Private brands

See how Saskia Diez stays in touch with the community with branded debit cards

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Industry solutions

Foodcard uses branded debit cards to leverage customer loyalty

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Small & Medium businesses

Learn how Members Lounge solidified a direct channel with their customers

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Here's what our customers have to say

Whenever I tell people about my Loverscard, it's the beautiful design that I emphasize. The card is a really nice statement piece when going out. But also the lifestyle concierge is a big plus. They did a really nice job when they managed for me to get two coveted concert tickets on Christmas Eve at short term. Thanks for that.
Stephanie B. - Customer
I am really passionate about fashion & lifestyle and discovering new places and cultures. That's why I didn't have to think twice about the Loverscard. I'm more than happy to have easy access to airport lounges with my Loverscard, which makes my travels much more relaxed now.
Nico S. - Customer
Ordered in 5 minutes, 2 days later in the mailbox. Faster than with my bank. Great!

Daniel T. - Customer

Be part of your customer's journey, every step of the way

Fully branded landing page with card shop

Create an immersive, branded experience with our customizable landing page builder and integrated card shop, designed to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Branded, modern online banking

Empower your customers with branded, modern online banking, offering a seamless and personalized experience through your very own merchant app.

Configurable price and service levels - You make the rules!

Cater the number of cards, the pricing, and the rewards structure, to your business requirements.

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Transaction messages carrying your brand contents

Rest assured you're in good hands

Unparalleled Security & Fraud Prevention

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Transaction messages carrying your brand contents

Plug & Play, no integration effort

Give your customers what they want

Earn as you spend

Every transaction turns into a rewarding experience. Customers can accumulate points for each purchase made using their branded debit card, and they can later be redeemed for exclusive perkks.

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No hidden fees

We believe in clear and straightforward pricing, ensuring that your business thrives without unwelcomed surprises.

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Access to a world of exclusive rewards and perks

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99% of brands cannot capitalize on fully-fledged loyalty cards with payment functions due to insurmountable entry barriers. We're here to make it accessible to every business, no matter the size or requirements

XPAY White label branded cards

XPAY is maximizing and monetizing reach for brands. Whether large or small, we have the infrastructure for you to build and scale, according to your business goals.

costs to start

No upfront costs

time to launch

< 7 days
Full support and onboarding pre & post launch

- No regulatory impact or burdens
- Seamless integration with your business model

Traditional loyalty branded cards

Only large enterprises are able to leverege branded payment cards for customer loyalty, while the process is still

costs to start

end-to-end costs

time to launch

12 - 24 months
Full support and onboarding pre & post launch

- Regulatory impact or burdens
- Complex setup of combining loyalty and payments

The 360°, 24/7 brand experience

Branded Mastercard® debit card program

Offer personalized, branded Mastercard debit cards to enhance customer loyalty and engagement by providing an exclusive card tailored to your brand identity.

Digital branded ecosystem

Establish a cohesive and consistent digital ecosystem with our suite of branded solutions. Strengthen your brand presence and recognition across all customer touchpoints for maximum impact.

Exclusive perks & benefits

Attract and retain customers with a unique offering of exclusive perks and benefits. Our customizable rewards program helps create memorable experiences and long-lasting customer relationships.

Flexible plug & play API

Integrate our payment solutions with ease using our flexible plug & play API. Enjoy seamless compatibility with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation.

Wait no longer

Be part of the banking revolution

Have questions?

Merchant FAQs

How do I get started with XPAY's Rewards Mastercard®?

Begin by reaching out to our team through our contact form. We'll schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements, objectives, and how we can enable your brand!

What types of brands can benefit from our solution?

Brands of all sizes and industries can benefit from a branded debit card program, particularly those seeking to enhance brand loyalty, and customer engagement, by offering exclusive rewards and benefits.

Are there any hidden fees associated with XPAY's services?

We maintain a transparent pricing structure with no hidden or ongoing fees. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that suit every brand.

How customizable are the branded debit cards and digital ecosystem?

Our branded debit cards and digital ecosystem are highly customizable, allowing you to incorporate your logo, colors, and design elements to create a unique and cohesive brand experience for your customers.

Can I offer exclusive perks and benefits to my customers through the branded debit card program?

Yes, our platform enables you to create a tailored rewards program with exclusive perks and benefits that align with your brand values and appeal to your target audience.

How easy is it to integrate XPAY's services into my existing infrastructure?

With our flexible plug & play API, integrating our payment solutions into your existing infrastructure is hassle-free. Our adaptable solution ensures smooth and seamless compatibility.

What kind of support does XPAY provide during the integration process?

Our dedicated team offers personalized support throughout the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any challenges or concerns that may arise.