How you turn your customers into regular customers


How you turn your customers into regular customers

Most companies focus on winning new customers instead of keeping their existing ones. In this article we explained why this is a mistake. A loyal customer does not only pay for your products and services, but also tells others about you, which is why he becomes a free brand ambassador for your company. And since keeping and enhancing the relationship with existing customers is so very important, we compiled in this article 8 simple tips to turn customers into true regular customers.


1. Stay in touch


After a purchase, you should use your resources to further strengthen your relationship with your customer. Options to achieve this include social media, mailings with a special incentive for customers and regular communication via email, newsletter or even WhatsApp. However, there is a thin line between staying in contact and harassment. Your communication should be meaningful and provide added value.


2. Just like the first time


Just because a customer chose you once, it does not mean that he will think of you the next time he needs the services you provide. If you provide services to other companies and you did not hear from them for some time, then get in touch with your contact person and let him know that you would appreciate future cooperation.


3. Keep the experience fresh and relevant


Give your customers a reason to purchase from you again. Further refine and improve your offers – and consider conveying novelties to your existing customers. Changes and updates, for instance in terms of product range, are further reasons to interact with your customer base.


4. Surprise your customers


Exceed the expectations of your customers and impress them. Grant your customers loyalty discounts and extra discounts or congratulate them on their birthday. These small courtesies increase the chances of your customer talking about you.


5. The company’s image


You may have the best product in the world, but if the person interacting with your customers is not committed or, worse, unpleasant when dealing with them, then you will drive customers away. Make sure that you have qualified employees in your team. Friendly, efficient and personal service should be standard.


6. Be reachable


Do not send your customers through a long chain of menu options before they can get an employee on the line. Be sure to immediately respond to comments, emails and voicemail messages from social media.


7. Listen


Lend your customers an ear. Send questionnaires to your customers concerning their opinion on your product and the received services and then take the information to heart.


8. Show appreciation


Express your gratitude with something simple like a sincere thank you, if you do business personally, but go one step further: send out thank-you notes or a special reward for a recommendation. Building strong relationships requires time, but the reward is worth the energy.


If you follow these eight little advices, it will be easier for you to build good customer relationships and thus turn your customers into true regular customers.


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