7 strategies for an active customer relationship


7 strategies for an active customer relationship

As a business owner you are aware of the fact that your customers are indispensable for the success of your company. And this is why it is important for you to deal with your customers, too. The problem is that there are numerous companies which do not understand the meaning of engagement. Successful brands understand that customers want to interact with them – which thanks to technology has never been easier than today. In this article, we present 7 strategies for an active customer relationship.

1. Develop an emotional connection

One of the most effective ways to build an emotional connection with customers is to make sure that they are not dealing with a nameless, faceless company, but that there are people behind the company, people who work day-to-day for the company’s success. Here are some options in which you can address your customers and at the same time show your human side.
  • Introduce yourself. Whether we are talking about an email, a direct message, if you have a new Twitter follower or you are welcoming a new member to your online community, always send this person a short and customized message.
  • Use social media and forums.. Let’s assume that a customer has a question or a concern on Twitter or in a forum. He will most certainly feel better if he sees who he is talking to.
  • Attach author biographies to your blog. This will allow your customers to get to know you better and build a personal relationship.
  • Make someone your brand ambassador. Choose someone from your team, it could even be you. Become the image for your community.

2. Form a community

The main advantage of online communities and forums is that you can directly address your customers by answering their questions, having discussions that are relevant for your industry, keeping them in the loop and exchanging information that is important for them or that they are looking for.

3. Organise a lottery

Who doesn’t like winning? We all do. Use this and organise a lottery for your customers. You will not only attract their attention, but also address them directly, while you are rewarding them for their involvement. For instance, you could ask customers to share creative photos and tag your company. The selected winner receives a product or a free-of-charge one-year membership for your services. Another idea would be to organise a voting competition or a photo tagging competition, where the customer tags as many of his contact as possible.

4. Make customers part of your team

We would all like to feel part of a team. And your customers are no exception. If you discover that a customer has founded a new charity or is releasing his own product, do not hesitate to advertise this on your social media networks. Another prominent option would be to emphasize one loyal customer each month. If you have just celebrated your tenth company anniversary, celebrate with your customers by offering them a discount or coupon or by letting them participate in an exclusive anniversary party. This not only gives them the feeling that they are part of the team, but it also credits them for their long-term loyalty. Ask your customers to help organize content, for instance by writing an article on your blog or attaching a chapter to your eBook.

5. Offer exclusive contents or offers

Offer exclusive contents to your customers, such as a case study or an offer, a 10% discount voucher for subscribers to your email newsletter or for the purchase of a paid membership. You can even publish exclusive contents and offers on your blog and remind your customers when they will be released by email. Many companies offer a mobile-first influencer platform, where they can work together with important opinion leaders in numerous social networks.

6. Create a product tour

Product tours are one of the best ways for your customers to find out everything about your product or services. This is not only an effective option for you to reach your customers, product tours are also a good way to impress them. You can record a product tour and upload it to your website or to your YouTube account.

7. Create an event

Whether we are talking about a webinar or a local meetup or industry event, the creation of an event, either offline or online, is a great opportunity for your customers to learn from their colleagues or to feel part of an exclusive community. This effect is still shown even if you do not host your own event. Look for local networking opportunities or build a booth at a trade show in your industry, so that you can personally meet and share information with your customers. We hope that you found inspiration in this article for your personal customer loyalty strategy. Read here, how you can build an emotional customer relationship.

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