Small gifts please every customer – You too should please your customers

„Dear Mrs. Müller, thank you for visiting us! Would you like a coffee on the house?“ Sentences such as this are music to the customers’ ears and still it is almost impossible to provide such a courteous service to each visitor of the shop. Nevertheless, special treatment works wonders for customers of all ages. This is less about monetary benefits and more about the feeling of appreciation. This appreciation is exactly what creates a positive memory of your shop in your customer’s mind.

Loyalty is a process, not a product.

Each business is searching for the answer to exactly the same question: how do I motivate my customers to return to me over and over? A very simple and good instrument to delight your loyal customers with small gifts and to get them hooked for a long time, is represented by customer cards. Customer cards make it easier for you to identify those customers who deserve special treatment because they choose you over and over: have the customers show you their card and give them a small, loving bonus.

This effect is also achieved when sending special offers, lotteries or event invitations to the e-mail address of those customers who possess a customer card. In this case: the more customized your extra service is, the more thoughtful your business will seem – these customers will, in all likelihood, preserve their loyalty to you. But this does not mean that you have hereby discovered THE only solution for the long-time loyalty of your customers, because you can be sure of that: others will copy you. Therefore, it is important for you to always surprise your customers with something new.

Marketing strategies with a human touch

In the dream of each salesperson, selling is exactly the next step after a warm greeting: “Thank you for visiting us”. In reality, the salespersons must please their customers over and over again so that in the end they leave the shop with a full shopping bag. Special attention is the be-all and end-all in catering to the customer’s needs – each customer needs to feel that he or she is the most important person for that business. Thus, those who decide to give out small gifts, should not give just any gift. The gift should be customized to match the business, the brand and especially the customer. And giving out gifts over and over again grows into a “habit” at some point, meaning that the customer will always expect a gift. Here, too, one must be innovative. Go one step further and offer a gift that can be shared by the customer with someone else – so your gift can be a unique surprise for more than one person. And who knows, maybe you will directly win a new loyal customer în this way.

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