From Customer to Fan – Emotionality in Customer Experience

Satisfied customers are essential for any business. Even better, however, is to have customers speaking about it. Especially in the fight against the likes of Amazon, regular customers are worth a mint. But how does one become a merchant of confidence? And how do customers turn into real fans, who also present themselves publicly and visibly as fans?

Emotions play a decisive role in customer retention. Customers would rather commit themselves to companies that address their feelings in different places along the customer journey. According to Customer Think, 63% of the customers with positive feelings remain loyal to a company, while 74% go even a step further and actively support the brand.

Creating Emotional Bonds with Customers

How can you create an experience which is a step ahead of all others and exceeds the needs of your customers? It is important to find out the desires triggered by the interaction of a customer with your brand, in each point of contact. One also has to look and listen carefully, in order to be able to offer the customer a personalised, relevant experience, set apart from the competition. Customers have a lot of points of contact with the company – points in which the company can proactively react to the emotions of the customer.
  • Website including customer area
  • Sales meetings
  • Product experience
  • Community
  • Customer centre
  • Brand experience
  • Customer card
  • Self service
  • Entire brand experience
Think about the general emotion imparted by your brand, when these elements are compounded: Your user interface, the accessibility of your contents, the tone of your contents. All these elements together serve to create a certain vibe when people are thinking about your brand. Do you create an experience which your company would want to create? Think about the steps you can take to ensure that you create a holistic customer experience connected to the people you want to address.

Anticipating Customer Emotions in Various Situations

In order to correctly address the feelings of your customers, follow a proactive approach. For example, your company can integrate possible emotional reactions in all points of contact when designing a customer journey. If you find the best ways to lead the customer from A to B, you can anticipate how a customer may feel, if a certain step is successful or not. These observations can give information on how your service can be improved with each step.

Use of Analysis Tools for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Although it can be difficult to measure the emotions of customers, analytical tools provide, however, valuable insights. Additionally to the net promoter score, your brand may use social listening tools to find out more about the feelings of the customers on social media channels. Speech and text analyses are especially useful to analyse emotions and traditional surveys are the most direct way to obtain specific customer feedback. Finally, your company can integrate widgets in websites, allowing the customers to assess product descriptions, blog posts, and other contents, as to give informal feedback rapidly and simply.

Reach the Customers with Negative Feelings

It is especially important to take away the negative feelings of the customers towards your company. It is not only necessary to remove the inconveniences they have experienced, but it is also important to understand how such problems can be avoided in the first place. Ask them for their feedback and their suggestions on how your company could have responded better to their needs. As soon as you have taken measures to rectify the problem, address them anew to show them you have taken their opinion seriously. This last step shows the customer that the brand is willing to go the extra mile to restore confidence.

Creating a Positive Emotional Effect

For many companies, efficiency is a primary goal for customer service. However, if your agents carry on conversation so quickly that the customers are confused and frustrated, your brand will not create any positive emotional effect. Sometimes agents must invest less interest in KPIs and more interest in the personalisation of each customer experience. They must take the time to listen to the customers, to confirm their feelings, and to foster a positive bond, deserving respect and loyalty. Treating customers as individuals can win their respect, but confirming their emotions with each step of their journey wins loyalty. In order to offer the best possible customer service, find out more about Vocalcom, a globally leading provider for cloud based contact centre software solutions and a premium omnichannel customer integration platform for great customer experiences. Once in a while, offer some positive surprises: People love to be surprised. For example, up to 58 percent would love to receive a gift. A possibility to positively surprise customers is to also provide value-added services around your core service.


Forrester Research anticipates that until 2020, about 80 percent of the purchase process will be carried out without direct person-to-person interaction. What happens, however, after the purchase has been made? Do customers still want to be independent or do they want to talk to you? The technological progress has lead to the fact that consumers take for granted the robust amount of information available to them and usually tailored to their specific needs. This is the new level expected by the customers at any point in their interaction with brands. It is our task, as part of being responsible of customer success, to set the standards higher and higher and to ensure that our customers feel heard and understood at every point of contact.

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