Small gifts please every customer – You too should please your customers

„Dear Mrs. Müller, thank you for visiting us! Would you like a coffee on the house?“ Sentences such as this are music to the customers’ ears and still it is almost impossible to provide such a courteous service to each visitor of the shop. Nevertheless, special treatment works wonders for customers of all ages. This is less about monetary benefits and more about the feelin...
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10 Reasons to choose a prepaid card

Prepaid cards still have the reputation of a second-class credit card for persons with weaker credit-ranking. This apparent shortcoming is however based on one of the strengths of a prepaid card: the holders of prepaid cards are spared the danger of self-indebtedness which exists in case of classic credit cards – and still they can enjoy all the advantages of a regular credi...
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Avoid Customer Loss: How Active Existing Customer Care Solves a Sales Dilemma

Acquiring new customers is essential for developing the business. Anyone who does not care for their existing customers must expect customer loss. In order to counterbalance the loss, more new customers must be acquired – a vicious circle, because acquiring new customers requires resources, which especially small and medium-sized enterprises do not have....
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From Customer to Fan – Emotionality in Customer Experience

Satisfied customers are essential for any business. Even better, however, is to have customers speaking about it. Especially in the fight against the likes of Amazon, regular customers are worth a mint. But how does one become a merchant of confidence? And how do customers turn into real fans, who also present themselves publicly and visibly as fans? Emotions pl...
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