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XPAY macht Brands zu Love Brands, Kunden zu Followern und Follower zu Fans. XPAY holt Ihre Marke raus aus der Nische und rein in das Leben Ihrer Zielgruppe. Überall und jederzeit.

XPAY macht ihre Marke relevant. Mit unserem voll gebrandeten Mastercard® Debitkarten-Programm und exklusiven Benefits für Ihre Community wird Ihre Marke zum roten Faden im Alltag Ihrer Kunden.

Love For Your Brand


XPAY turns brands into love brands, customers into followers and followers into fans. XPAY gets your brand out of the niche and into the lives of your target group. Everywhere and at any time.

XPAY makes your brand even more relevant: with an individually branded Mastercard® debit card program and exclusive benefits for your community, your brand becomes a constant companion in your fans' everyday lives.

Spread the love,
brand your card:

Put your brand in the hands of your customers - and ensure brand love far beyond the payment process. With the branded Mastercard® debit card, you are right in the middle of your fans' and followers' lives.

  • Mastercard® debit card in plastic or metal
  • 36 million points of acceptance
  • In your corporate design
  • Configurable price and service levels
  • Integrated current account
  • German IBAN

Points you want
to touch:

Our fully branded touch points combine modern payment with online brand communication, extending your love brand's customer journey into the digital world.

  • Fully branded landing page with card shop
  • Branded, modern online banking
  • Additional opt-ins and spaces for your marketing
  • Transaction messages carrying your brand contents
  • Plug & play, no integration effort
  • Secure, certified, and regulation-proof

All you need is love -
and benefits:

Loyalty is rewarded: Together, we enrich your individual program with exclusive services, benefits and money-can't-buy experiences that will delight your followers and fans. Added value for  meaningful relationships.

XPAY benefits that everyone loves:

  • Concierge service
  • Access to airport lounges
  • Insurance packages
Your money-can't-buy benefits:
  • Exclusive contents
  • Limited editions
  • VIP treatment
  • Early acccess
  • Meet & greets
  • ...

More love,
more loyalty:

Active cardholders use their cards more often and are in touch with your brand across all areas of life. The XPAY Loyalty API activates your card users directly: every payment earns loyalty points that can be exchanged for unique, exclusive benefits that we provide together. We also provide the loyalty API and the dashboard that you can use to implement all your ideas.

  • Payments generate loyalty points
  • Loyalty points can be accessed in online banking
  • Loyalty points buy money-can't-buy benefits
  • Administration of loyalty points via Loyalty API

Brand love
that pays off:

XPAY not only brings you closer to your target group, but also creates sustainable cash flow - with no investment, no ongoing costs and no integration effort. This way, your XPAY program not only becomes a unique brand experience for your fans, it also pays off from the start - and over your program's entire lifetime.

  • No upfront invest
  • No setup fees
  • No ongoing costs
  • Plug & play implementation
  • Lifetime profit share

The 360°, 24/7 brand experience:

Fully branded Mastercard® debit card program
Digital ecosystem, fully aligned with your branding
Money-can't-buy benefits for a relevant brand experience
Flexible loyalty API, plug & play or as integrated component
Brand love that pays off - a program lifetime long